The Path to Empathic Protection – 1 of 3: Centering

“How can I protect myself from the energy of others?”

As an energy worker, I encounter this question a lot. With all of the energetic shifts happening around us, many empaths are awakening to their abilities, and finding it hard to tune out of the chaotic energy of others. Thoughts, feelings, and stresses that aren’t ours to begin with, we somehow end up carrying around. Unsure of why we feel this way or that way, easily being pulled into other’s life drama’s, it can be hard to focus on oneself.

There are a lot of ways to approach this issue – regularly cleansing (with bath salts, sage, etc) being a crucial one, or protective jewelry and spells. However, the most useful technique I’ve found (other than cleansing regularly) has been a set of meditative visualizations leading up to something called shielding – basically creating an (or a series of) energetic shield(s). But in order to do shielding correctly, one first needs to learn grounding, and also – centering.

So, what is centering?

Centering is calling your energy back into your body. As an empath, your energy can be pulled all over the place. Centering is a technique that pulls your energy back into your body, and helps prepare the way for effective grounding, and eventually shielding. Here’s a little write up of an exercise (part of which is adapted from Sophie Reicher’s book “Spiritual Protection” and from my long time teacher Storm Faerywolf) to help guide you through the process. Relax, and take your time doing it.

* * *

Take a deep breath in. Close your eyes. Become aware of your body – of any tension, pain, or discomfort. Go ahead and breathe into those spaces.  As you exhale, see the tension leave your body. Allow your stomach to expand with the breath. Notice how the skin of your belly tightens as your lungs fill with air. Notice the anticipation before you exhale, and the calm, the silence, after you release the breath. Feel relaxation spread from muscle to muscle like a wave. Your shoulders straighten, your neck loosens, your chest expands and contracts with air. Relaxation spreads through your back, and stomach, all the way down to your thighs, your knees, legs, to your toes.

As you breathe in again, imagine a bright yellow orb right between your navel and your breast bone. See this orb’s light grow stronger as you breath in. With each breath, allow its light to grow brighter and brighter, bright enough to shed rays of light all through your body. Feel the vibration of its cleansing, centering power, notice the tingle in your skin. Breath in.

Now notice the ground. The ground that supports you. Feel the place where your body makes contact with the earth, feel the surface of your skin, of your body, on your legs, on your feet, touching, kissing the ground. Resting on it. Relying on it for support. Feel the vibration of the Earth. Her slow, subtle, yet strong pulse. Feel it singing with yours. Tune in to her vibration, to her song. Take a few deep breaths in.

* * *

There are many ways to approach centering – do a search online to find the right on for you! And be sure to take your time doing it. If you have citrine, amethyst, or even quartz – these are some great stones that can help with the process!

Centering is a useful technique to always pull your energy back in, whenever you feel stressed, or pulled into the emotions of others.

And stay tuned for a blog next week on Grounding!!!




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