The Path to Empathic Protection – 2 of 3: Grounding


Image taken from Toni Salerno's "Blue Angel" Oracle Deck.

With the holidays right around the corner, “Grounding” is an important tool to help get through the stress, so that you can appreciate the more enjoyable parts of the season! After Centering, Grounding is the next step to developing a regular empathic protection routine. But regardless of intent, it is a very rewarding meditation to try!

What is grounding?

Grounding is creating an energetic cord to the earth (and sometimes also the cosmos, depending on your approach) that helps us stay in our body. Having a strong grounding cord also goes a long way for strong manifestation skills! Once your energy is centered in your body, you can ground it and use this connect to the earth to transmute any negative energy, to ground your energy to the material plane, and eventually, draw up energy to create an energetic shield around you. 

Grounding is often a common meditative exercise, regardless of belief system. Sometimes, it can be as simple as hiking in nature, walking outside barefoot, or even just noticing your connection to the earth and to gravity. Regardless, it is a useful tool to use after a stressful situation and or to feel more in one's body.

Below is an exercise I use regularly for my own grounding practice. For this exercise, I imagine myself as a tree, with roots deep in the earth and branches high into the cosmos. Feel free to alter the image as you like, with whatever works best for you!

*      *     *


Start with Centering exercise.

Once centered, take a few deep breathes in. Now imagine that a few inches below your navel you see an orange, glowing ball - your Sacral chakra. Each inhale makes the ball grow stronger and brighter.

From this ball, imagine that roots begin to grow like a germinating seed, reaching to and through the Root chakra. The roots extend all the way through your legs, knees, and feet - all the way into the earth. See these roots push into the foundation beneath you, into the earth beneath. It stretches through the Earth's crust, traveling past hidden caves, past creepy crawlers and the bones of ancestors long gone, underground water caverns.

See these roots extend through the Earth’s crust and finally into the hot, magma mantle of Earth, then to the outer core, and finally the molten core. It is that your roots take hold. Feel the pulsing heat, and the slow, subtle vibration of gravity from the center of the earth. Imagine the roots absorb the strength and energy here, as though nutrient rich water, drawing that energy back up. All the way up through the outer core, through the magma mantle, back through the crust  of the earth - past the skittering bugs and crawlers, past caves and underground water sources, past the soil, and back into your feet. Feel this energy travel through your legs and pulsing into your whole body. Feel Earth’s energy filling your entire body, with strength. Take a few deep breathes here. Notice what it feels like to be grounded.

*    *     *

Now you have a conscious energetic cord with the earth! This cord can be used to push down any blockages in your energy field after stressful situations, as the fiery core of the Earth transmutes this energy. Later on, we will use this cord to pull energy for an energetic shield.

*     *    *

Once you feel confident in your ability to ground, or have found a more suitable approach, try extending this meditation by connecting to the energy of the greater cosmos:

When you feel ready, recall your roots and your connection to the Earth - that fiery strength and energy. Imagine that the energy of the Earth is so strong and bountiful, that it pushes through your head in the shape of a tree trunk, reaching above you - through the roof (if you are inside), through the skies and past the clouds. The tree extends out of the Earth's atmosphere, through the solar system, through the galaxy. See the tree's branches grow leafs here, into the unknown of the cosmos, leafs drawing in the seen and unseen light of the stars as though the rays of the sun. See that universal love and pure cosmic energy travel through the leaves, branches, and back down through the tree trunk. Imagine this energy absorbed all the way back through the Milky Way, to the solar system, to Earth and back into your head. Breath in, feeling the cosmic energy of the universe flow through you.

*     *     *

These grounding meditations, regardless of your personal practice, go a long way towards developing piece of mind. And are great tools for those that feel extra energetically  sensitive. Give them a try, change them to suit your personal style, and let me know how they work for you!

Stay tuned for a Blog 3 of 3: Shielding!


~ Halina

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